The TLPA Brand Started from The Last Prince of Atlantis Chronicles

I never thought about creating an online store that will have merchandise associated with The Last Prince of Atlantis Chronicles book series. Two years ago changed my mind after I created a custom sneaker with the book cover illustration on the shoes. So many people loved the look of the aquamarine shoes I decided to create custom T-shirts and some fans of the first book loved that as well. Fast forward to 8/2020. Now I have a 3 book series and more custom merch, accessories and a few name brand products. The look of SHOP TLPA is  how I see the characters in the book series wearing the apparel & accessories. The store is a fusion of the custom merchandise and accessories I think compliments the style of the customers who would wear something unique and not super trendy. SHOP TLPA is for every demographic. Cool & chick attire. Check out The Last Prince of Atlantis Chronicles on